What people say


The consultation

Sonia, a retired lecturer, had suffered from constipation and bloating for eight years. She ate a seemingly healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, but was still getting severe bloating and abdominal pain, particularly at night.

Over two consultations, we made changes to Sonia's diet and added some supplemental soluble fibre. She sent us the following note, shown opposite.

Sonia says...

“I would like to thank you for all your advice and support during my appointments. This advice has enabled me to adapt and maintain certain aspects of my diet. My IBS has improved beyond words in the last few weeks. I have even experienced my first night's sleep without cramping pains for over eight years. Thank you again and good luck for the future.”

The consultation

Amanda was run down after a relationship break-up. During the break-up she had found it difficult to eat. Looking after a young toddler was an additional strain. From her symptoms including poor skin and lacklustre hair, it appeared that Amanda was deficient in many essential vitamins and minerals.

Amanda wrote...

“My consultations with you marked a turning point in my life and my health”.